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Posts about some of the machines and coolers we have done.    Not every restore project makes it to the before and after page, but all of them are have challenges and unique situations!

The “Green” Vendo 39 Restoration

This 1949 Vendo 39 came to us green Our customer has Vendo 39 Coke machine in his collection for while. Along the way, before […]

VMC 44 Full Restoration

Perhaps one of the most desirable machines today is the VMC 44 and its almost identical sister the Vendo 44.   This VMC came to […]

Vendo 81D Full Restoration

We love this beautiful machine We just finished this Vendo 81D for a customer, and it is a beauty!.   Although this machine had surface […]

New Consultation Service

If you are interested in having us repair or restore your machine, those consultations and quotes are free.   This is advice service below is […]

Westinghouse WE6 Cooler Restoration

Originally a wet box, we converted this one to a air cooled This cooler, like so many of our customers, had a family history […]

Cavalier 55 Full Restoration

This is a versatile little machine We just finished this Cavalier 55 machine for a customer in Alabama.   Today, the Vendo 44 is quite […]

JFK’s Vendo 39 Restoration

The story behind the machine We got a email from a customer on Conway SC, who had a Vendo 39 he wanted to get […]

Tips when sending us images

We get sent quite a few images, and I so I thought I would share some tips about sending them, so our future customers […]

Cavalier 96 Round Top Restoration

We love restoring this machine, we have done several of them now.   Here is one we just finished up last month.    Use the arrows […]

Vendo 81 Full Restoration

We just finished this Vendo 81B Full Restoration.   (The images were taken before we installed the cooling system and kickplate. )  This machine is […]

Cavalier 96 Round Top Full Restoration

Brought back to new life after many years in storage. We just finished another Cavalier 96 restoration   ( here is another Cavalier 96 round […]

Clear Coating Over the Orginal Patina

A Great Way to Preserve The Vintage Look As an option to a partial restoration, many customers choose to have us clean the exterior […]

A Few Models We Don’t Restore

While we consider many vintage drink machines for a full restoration, there are a few that we pass on.   On most of the ones […]

Cavalier 72 Coke Machine Restoration

This was a rewarding restoration project, as we knew that this machine ( along with another) was going to be a heirloom gift from […]

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