Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Cavalier 72 Coke Machine Restoration

This was a rewarding restoration project, as we knew that this machine ( along with another) was going to be a heirloom gift from mom to her son.   When we got the Cavalier 72 there were 2 things that stood out.  One was it was painted before, it was the wrong color and the job was amateur.   No worries, we were going to sandblast it to the frame anyway. 

Second, it was damaged in transit.   We are not sure what happened, as the shipper would not confess to it.  But regardless, it arrived with a big dent on the front panel, indicative of it falling over in the trailer onto something.    The shipper made good on the issue with the customer, but we had to fix that dent. ! 

Side note, require your shipper to blanket wrap and double ratchet strap your machine.   Ratchet on the top half, not the bottom. 

Fixing the dent turned out to be quite challenging, but in the end we got it.  Lots of patience metal work, filler and sanding.   


Before Images

After the restoration images