Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Jacobs 56 Pepsi Light Up Full Restoration

We recently finished this full restoration on a Jacobs 56 Pepsi machine for a customer out west.  He shipped his machine to us for a complete restoration inside and out.  

This is a beautiful machine.   It has the classic 1950 round stop with soft lines.  The emblem lights up when plugged in with reduced voltage lights to give it a soft glow.  Many people think their machine is rare, but this model is indeed less common than many other models from this era, especially in this condition.   

It came to us with some minor dents and some rot in the interior.  But when it was done it came out amazing.    If I sound a little jealous that this one is not in my personal collection, it is for a good reason. 

Before Images - Just have Before 2 Images

After the Restoration Images