Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

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Posts about some of the machines and coolers we have done.    Not every restore project makes it to the before and after page, but all of them are have challenges and unique situations!

How to load a Vendo 39 – Video

We get asked a lot about loading this model, mostly because of the weighed drum can be confusing to use at first.   There are […]

Cavalier 51 Full Restoration

Before Images We recently finished this Cavalier 51 machine.  These are a beautiful 1950s machine that uses a mechanical coin mechansim and vending advance […]

Vendo 56 Restoration

We just finished this Vendo 56 Full restoration.     Here are some before and after images.   Before Images After the Restoration

Westinghouse Jr. Cooler Restoration

We recently completed the restoration of this Westinhouse Jr Coke Cooler.  This was a full restoration, we brought it down to the bare metal […]

Vendo 110 from Meat Locker to Cooler

Our customer from Alabama shipped this Vendo 110 to us to restore. The story was this was his father’s machine, and at some point, […]

Vendo 39 Converted to Can Vending

We are starting a full restore on a Vendo 39 for a customer.  We just got the machine in, and I thought we would share what […]

Cavalier 96 Full Restoration

We just finished up this Cavalier 96 Full restoration for a customer.    Before Image After Restoration Images

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