Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Before & After Vintage Drink Machine Restorations

Before and after restoration images on vintage Coke and Pepsi drink machine projects.

We are no longer updating this page.
We have moved our more recent restorations to our blog.

1940s VMC 27 Pepsi Drink Machine (Gallery)

1950s Vendo 39 Full Restoration (Gallery)

1950s Coke Vendo 110 (Gallery)

1950s Vendo 44 (Gallery)

Vendo 63 – Exterior Restoration & New Cooling System (Gallery)

Cavalier 96 Full Restoration

Vendo 39 Full Restoration (Gallery)

VMC 110 Pepsi Full Restoration (Gallery)

Vendo 81 B Full Restoration

Cavalier 80 (Gallery)

Vendo 216 – (Gallery)

1960s Cavalier 64 (Gallery)

1960s Cavalier 124 (Gallery)

1949 Allis Chalmers B tractor (Gallery)

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