Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Westinghouse WE6 Cooler Restoration

Originally a wet box, we converted this one to a air cooled

This cooler, like so many of our customers, had a family history going back several generations.  It had been in storage, and along the way, it was painted white with a brush.  As you can see below that white paint was coming off, and it was in a need of a full restoration. 

The Westinghouse WE6 was originally a water-cooled or wet box.  This meant that the drinks sat in about 6 inches of water that was cooled by the evaporator and circulated by an agitator.  Many customers remember putting their hands down in that water to grab a Coke and the experience of that ice-cold water.  On this restoration, for several reasons, it was decided that changing it to air-cooled was the best option.   This machine required a full sandblast, lots of body work on the lids. 

Here is what we started with

Here is the finished cooler

A few more before and after images