Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Vendo E110 Restoration

This one was beaten with a hammer in the past.

I have always liked the Vendo 110 Cooler, sometimes called a Vertical 6 cooler.   This is a great machine for someone to use in a game room or shop.    Without a bottle stack and vending mechanism, it is a cooler.   

This allows for different size bottles or cans to be used.   If you are looking to buy one, be aware that the main door has a wood frame.  If it is rotted, the door often will not close correctly and can be quite challenging to correct. 

Our customer shipped this one to us, and overall it was in decent shape.  Except someone damaged it sometime in the past with what appeared to be a hammer.  I guess if you have a bad day you take it out on the Coke machine?  

See the square to the left.   You can also see it better in the image below when the paint was removed. 

It required a lot of bodywork, but we were able to make it unnoticeable when we done. 

Before and in process

Completed Images