Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Partial Restorations and Repairs

Vintage Drink Machine Repairs

Many of our customers only need repairs.   If you like the old patina or your machine is in good shape, or your budget is tighter, this is a great option.   After all, “they are only original once”.    A partial restoration can include anything from a new cooling system, repairs to the machine, set to free vend, fix the lights, and fix the vending.  

NOTE:  The one thing we do NOT offer on repairs is painting.  See: How to decide what to do with your machine

Here are some common items:

  • New Cooling System
    • Most requested repair.   We completely replace the cooling system with an all-new system (not a refurbished system), including installation and testing.  $1199-1399 installed  (Why we don’t fix old compressors.
  • Replace the door liner – 
  • Replace the electric coin mechanism with a refurbished tested one, and reset the vend price.
  • Fix other vending issues, quote on request.
  • Replace missing parts or shelves.  Quote on Request. 
  • Lights – Fix marquis lights, or replace them with LED light fixtures.  
  • Gaskets
    • Replace bottle door gaskets, breaker strips, and insulation if needed.
    • Typically between 
  • Set to Free Vend
    • Set the machine to free vend (no coins needed to vend)
    • For Mechanical Coin Mechanisms – Free Vend 
    • Unlock the bottle gates on a bottle door machine 
  • Change to a Cooler