Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

A Few Models We Don’t Restore

  • While we consider many vintage drink machines for a full restoration, there are a few that we pass on.  
  • On most of the ones listed below, we WILL get them working again.  For example install a new cooling system, get them vending, or change them to a fridge instead.  (see Partial Restorations and Repairs

 Before we get to this list, here are a few reasons why.

  1. Parts.  Some machines require parts that are not available, making the restoration to our standards not possible. 
  2. Time to restore makes it expensive.
  3. Some machines cost more to restore than they will ever be worth.   If you spend $5000 to restore a machine that is only worth $1000 restored, you will never get your money out.  It’s better to buy a machine already restored.   

We have a long “yes” list.    

  • Please email us images of your machine.  Some common models we restore are the Vendo 39, 63, 44, 56, 63, 81.  Cavalier 51 55, 64, 72, 80, and 96. 

Here are the machines we stay away from  (NOTE: we will replace the cooling systems on most of these.) 

  • Machines that are too far gone, too rotted out.   Not sure? Just email us. 
  • Machines newer than 1970. We specialize in single-choice machines from the 1940s to the late 1960s.  
  • Most Coolers –  We will do a full restoration on some smaller coolers (WD5, WD10, WE 6, etc), but not the larger 5 to 9 foot long coolers.  However, we will put a new cooling system in these larger coolers. 
  • Vendo 216 / 144 / 80/.    All 3 are basically the same machine.  The 216 is the big brother, the Vendo 144 is the middle child, and the Vendo 80 which is the baby brother.   After the last one we did, we vowed never again.  We will put a new cooling system in these machines or we will make it into a fridge for you.    These machines do not have much collectors value and if we did offer a full restore, it would cost much more than you can ever get out of the machines if you were to sell them. 
  • Vendo 83.  We only offer a partial restore or repairs including replacing the cooling system.   Or we can make it into a drink fridge for you.
  • Vendo 23 – this one has a custom cooling system in it. If you have one, email us for someone that we know that may restore this model.
  • Westinghouse Dial A Matic.  Such as the WB60.   
  • Glasco Slider Coolers and LaCross Machines – repairs only.   If the Glasco has the sliders in it, we would only be able to offer changing it from radiant cooling to air cooling.  This means the evaporator would need to go in place of the slider.  See this example 
  • Any fountain drink machine that was a self-serve to a cup