Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

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Posts about some of the machines and coolers we have done.    Not every restore project makes it to the before and after page, but all of them are have challenges and unique situations!

Cavalier 72 Coke Machine Restoration

This was a rewarding restoration project, as we knew that this machine ( along with another) was going to be a heirloom gift from […]

Cavalier 96 Full Restoration

Here is a before and after on a Cavalier 96 restoration we recently completed.  This is a great little machine, similar to Cavalier 72 […]

Cavalier 55 Faceplate

We had a customer give us a Cavalier 55 in order to get working again.  We put in a new cooling system and fixed […]

Preserving the Pepsi Patina

Somestimes the memory is most important.  That was the case with this Vendo H56 Pepsi machine.   My customers grandfather had it for years.   My […]

Vendo 216 Made into a Fridge

Our customer from SC came across this old 1950s Vendo 216.   I believe he told me someone was discarding it, and he jumped in […]

Vendo 56 Restoration

We did this one just before the holiday last month for a local customer and friend of ours.  It is a Vendo 56  – […]

Large Cavalier Cooler Restoration

This is one of the larger coolers Cavalier made We just completed this cooler full restoration, with a new cooling system, for a customer […]

Partial Restorations and Repairs

Partial Restoration & Repair Costs Many of our customers only need repairs or a partial restoration.  We use these terms interchangably.  If you like […]

Vendo 83 Made into a Coke Cooler

This was a fun one! The customer inherited a 1940s Vendo 83. It was dirty, but yet very cool. He said they were going […]

Vendo 39 Full Restoration

I thought we would try to write a little about some of the projects as we do them. The most recent customer pickup was […]

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