Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

What It Costs To Restore Your Vintage Machine

Here are approximate costs for restorations or repairs on your vintage coke machine.   We repair or restore most machines from the 1940s to 1970s, including Vendo, VMC, Cavalier, and Westinghouse.  

We Offer Two Options For Restoration

Option 1 Partial Restorations or Repairs

  • A partial restoration is getting the machine vending again, replacing the cooling system, replacing missing or broken parts, or restoring the interior, adding a fresh coat of clear to the outside –  but keeping the patina on the exterior original.  We do partial restorations ala carte, see information and pricing

Option 2 Full Restorations 

When you want to restore the machine back to like-new condition, including a new paint job and lettering

  • Full restoration includes the mechanics and cosmetics, both outside and inside, new paint, clear coat, lettering, decals, cooling system, etc.  We put a new cooling system in all our full restorations and it is included in the price.  
  • The machine is disassembled and restored one part at a time.  
  • The typical time frame is 7 weeks from the time we start. 
  • Bottom line: most full restorations cost between $4000-$4900, plus any major missing parts 
  • What typically is done on a full restoration   
  • Full Restoration Related information

How to get started  

Current Lead Times – Feb 2023

  • For Partial Restorations, Repairs, and Replace Cooling Systems:
    • Accepting now – 3 Week Turnaround Time
  • For Full Restorations
    • We have 2 openings in Feb 2023.    
    • Please email us to have your machine considered and save your place.  Turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. 
    • Sorry, we are currently not taking horizontal coolers for full restoration, but we will replace the cooling systems and get them cooling.  ( Cooler = a horizontal box with a lid on the top.  )
  • How to ship a machine to us. 

Payment Options 

We accept credit/debit cards, Venmo, CASH app, and Cash. 
We will email an invoice when we get the machine that you can pay online.   
60% deposit to start the work, and the balance due at completion.

How to Ship Your Drink Machine To Us

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