What It Costs To Restore Your Vintage Drink Machine

We often get asked, “I have a vintage coke soda machine, how much does it cost for you to restore it?

Here you will find APPROXIMATE costs for restorations based on other jobs. These prices include the installation of the parts. Some of these are optional depending on your budget and desired level of restoration. If you send us images of your machine or bring it by, and we can give a quote based on your desires and the condition of your machine.

Types of Restorations:
A. Some just want to get a machine working, but leave the original patina, called a mechanical restoration and it runs about $1500-2000
B. Some people just want to get the machine to cosmetically look like new again, but do not intend to use the machine. – About $2000-3000
C. Some people want a full restoration, which is both of the above. About $3000-5000

List of Estimated Common Restoration Itemized Costs

Break Machine Down – This is taking your machine apart for painting and to determine what parts are needed. Required. This is also where we find any unseen issues. $75-150

Bodywork, rust correction, new paint job, and clear coat. Includes paint, primer, rust inhibitor, clear coat, and labor. Some real bad condition machines may require more work, and some can be too far gone. $700-10000

New Compressor/thermostat/ cooling system: This is the biggest expense. If your machine is cooling then this is optional. But we suggest a new wiring harness for sure, old wires are a hazard. Replacement system: $1000

New Wiring Harness $130 – when you are keeping your old cooling system but need new wiring.

Refurbish the Coin Mechanism: If your mech works, or you don’t need it to work, this is optional There are 2 levels here: Basic refurb is $550 – Refurbishing a mechanism is getting it working again. Complete Restoration of the mech to like-new adds $250, and includes breaking it down completely, replating it so it shines like new, and putting it back together. Most coin mechanisms can be set to free vend as an option.

New Insulation: The old insulation is usually matted or decayed and is not usable again once removed for painting. $75

New Decals and letters: $150-200

New Breaker Strips and molding. This almost always needs to be replaced. $125-$200 depending on your machine type.

Restoring the internal tub, shelves, and parts. Depending on the condition, we usually can use a industrial silver coating. $200-$275. This is optional if you are not concerned with the internal that much.

Other common restoration items: Rechrome the front bezel, new locks, new glass, new bottle opener, new kick plate. And there is always a miscellaneous part or two that is needed.

If you send us images of your machine or bring it by, and we will give you an exact quote based on your desires and the condition of your machine at no charge.