Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

What It Costs To Restore or Repair Your Vintage Drink Machine

“I have a vintage coke soda machine, how much does it cost for you to restore it?

Here you will find our approximate costs for restorations or repair, based on other jobs. No two jobs are the same, but this will give you an rough idea. Some parts or services are optional depending on your budget and desired level of restoration. At Soda City, we let you make the decisions on what you want to be done.

If you send us images of your machine or bring it by, and we can give an estimate based on your desires and the condition of your machine. We give a good faith estimate based on what we can see. If we find additional broken parts, we will let you know.

Types of Restorations:

A. Repair or Mechanical Only Restoration.
Perfect if you just want to get your machine vending or cooling again, but desire to leave the original patina. This is hard to estimate, but typically can run anywhere between $200-$2000, the latter being if you need a new cooling system. (We do not fix old compressors, sorry. ) This can be repairing vending issues, a new cooling system, fixing gaskets or coin mechs, replacing missing parts, restoring just the inside tub and shelves, etc.

B. Complete Restoration
Restoration of all the mechanics, restore both the outside and inside, new paint clear coat, decals, etc. About $2000-3900 depending on how many replacement parts you may need.

C. Custom Restoration.
None of the above fit your needs, we can customize your restoration to what you want.

Common Costs Broken Down

  • What goes into the rough estimates above? Here are some common items.
  • Break Machine Down – Taking the machine apart for painting and to determine what parts are needed. Where we find any unseen issues. $100
  • Abrasion Blasting – $175-200 – removing the old paint and decals.
  • Bodywork, rust correction, new paint job, and clear coat. Paint, primer, rust inhibitor, clear coat, and labor. Some real bad condition machines may require more work or can be too far gone to restore, so please send images. $600 -1300
  • New Compressor / Thermostat/ Cooling system: Replacement cooling system: $975-$1100 installed for most machines.
  • Coin Mechanisms:
    • MECHANICAL COIN MECH: If your coin mech works, this is optional. There are 2 levels: Basic refurb is $450 – basic refurbishing a mechanism is getting it working again. A Complete Restoration which is a basic restoration and also replating of the mech to “like-new”. This adds $250 and includes breaking it down completely, replating it so it shines like new, and putting it back together. We usually can set an old coin mech to free vend.
    • ELECTRIC COIN MECH – If you have an electric coin mech, a replacement runs $225.
      • FREE VEND – this is an option if you do not want to use money to vend from your machine.
  • Insulation: The old insulation is usually matted or decayed and is not usable again once removed for painting. $75
  • Decals and lettering: $150-250.
  • Breaker Strips and Gasket molding. These almost always need to be replaced. $125-$200 depending on your model.
  • Restoring the internal tub, shelves, and parts. Depending on the condition, we use an industrial silver coating. $225
  • Other common restoration items: Rechrome or replace the bezels, new lock, new glass, new bottle opener, new kick plate, new wiring harness, handles and bottle opener, door liners, kickplates, bottle shelves, etc. There is always a part or two that is needed.

If you send us images of your machine or bring it by, and we will give you a good faith quote based on your desires for your machine at no charge.
Not local? You can ship your machine to us, we suggest using

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