Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Requesting a Restoration Quote

3 Easy Steps. If you are interested in a quote for Vintage Coke drink machine restoration, we make the process easy!

  1. Review the restoration types and costs. Also, check our current lead times on our contact us page. You may want to check to see if your machine is one that we do here.

  2. Email us your model and images of your machine. Include what level of restoration you are interested in, and anything you know about your machine functionality. We will send you an estimate. Not sure what you want? Call or text us and we will guide you through options. Please send us images of both the inside and outside of the machine. Wider angle shots are best, we can zoom in on what we need to see. Tips on sending us images

  3. Ship or bring us your machine. If you are not local and will need to have your machine shipped to us, we suggest getting a quote from one of our shippers. They will pick it up and deliver it to us. After your machine is done, arrange for the return shipping with them.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to have my machine restored? If you are just replacing the cooling system, about 2 weeks. If you are getting a full restoration, about 6-8 weeks. See our current lead times

It is ok to lay down my machine when I bring it to you? If you are replacing the cooling system, then it does not matter as the old system will be discarded. It is common that these old compressors will fail after being shaken during transportation. So it is best to stand them up. We are not responsible are keeping your old cooling system and it fails as a result of transportation.

How much of a deposit do you need? We require 60% in advance and the balance at or before pickup. If you are happy with the estimate, we will send you an invoice online that can be paid by credit card.

Will you provide images during the restoration? Sure, if you would like. We keep images of the process and would be glad to show them to you as we go. Of course, if you are picking it up, we prefer a “reveal” when you arrive.

How do I ship a machine to you? Please see this page for how to ship a machine Soda City Restorations.