Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Preserving the Pepsi Patina

Somestimes the memory is most important.  That was the case with this Vendo H56 Pepsi machine.   My customers grandfather had it for years.   My customer remembered it well worn, lots of patina.   When he got it, he wanted to get it working, but leave the patina as it was, just as he remembered it.   The plan was change out the cooling system, set it free vend, fix the lights, fix the bottle door handle, put in new gaskets and then clear coat the exterior to preserve the patina.   It was a great idea.   

First we took it part and had a little surprise, an active nest of wasps under the light cover!

“Grab the shop vac!”    We were able to take care of them without incident.

We first cleaned up the machine, and removed any loose rust.   Then we clear coated and sealed it over, its almost like encasing the machine in a thin sheet of glass .    It’s difficult to see the effect of the clear coat in the images, but it came out nicely.