Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Vendo 44 Restored After Being Submerged in a Hurricane

Hurricane Ian Almost Destroyed this Vendo 44

When Hurricane Ian hit the west coast of Florida in the fall of 2022, most residents were rightly preoccupied with survival.  But after the debris was cleared and the water subsided, it was time to see the damage.   This beautiful Vendo 44 was in a storage unit, and the storage complex was flooded with sea water up to 4 feet deep.   

From the outside, it looks to survive quite well.   It did not cool any longer, but it looked good.  

Here is an image from before we started 

The customer had wanted to restore his machine for a while and after the storm, he brought it to me, about 4-5 months since the machine was submerged.   We got to work on it.  The issue was although it looked fine on the outside, the inside was still filled with water, soaked into the insulation.   And was rusting out the machine from the inside out. 

Thankfully the customer got the machine to us in time before it really rotted out.  And we did a full restoration on it.  

When we took the Vendo 44 Apart, we found this.

After The Restoration