Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Vintage Coke and Pepsi Restoration Paint Codes

Unfortunately there is not one paint color that was universally used for all vintage Coke Machines.  Different brand brands made for Coke may have used slightly different reds.  If you go a local PPG or Sherwin William Automotive Paint Store and ask for Coke Red, they will have about 10 colors for you to choose from.   

If you are restoring a machine, below are some of the paint colors that restorers have used.    Most of these are automotive base coat paints, and a clear coat is applied on top of them.   Funtronics sells a red touch up paint

Vintage Coke Red and White Paint Color Codes

For Machines from the 1940-1960s here are some paint codes that restorers often use.  Again, most of these are basecoats, and require a clear cloat on top. Please email us if you have additional codes that you suggest. 

  • Regular Coke Red Codes
    • PPG Automotive Paint Brand Code 917893 OEM Code P12, 3635, 635 Coca Cola Red, Bright Red.
    • Sherwin Williams Dimension Paint:  Yugo / 107 / Indy Red 
    • Finish Master Nason Yugo 107 Indian (Indy) Red
    • Dupont Centuri Acrylic Enamel 60807AH  – Fleet Red 
    • Corvette Bright Red Autobahn/High Teck Basecoat GM WA9075
  • Darker flame red codes
    • Chrylser Flame Red Brand Coke 4679 Or Dupont Centari 674A
  • Rustoleum Sunrise Red.
    • This is not an automotive paint and can be bought at most home goods stores.  It will not give you a professional finish like an automotive base / clear coat will, but for your DIY home project, it can work.
  • This page has more information on Coke’s red and white paint codes

Vintage Pepsi Paint Color Codes

For Machines from the 1940-1960s here are some pepsi paint codes that restorers often use.  

Please note that Pepsi is most known for its bright blue, but it also used a lighter baby blue along the way, and a darker navy blue as accent color, like on the Jacobs 26 Machine as shown here

  •  PPG  Pepsi Cola Brand Code 14220 Dk Blue LF – main bright Pepsi Blue
  •  PPG 13411 – Darker navy blue accent color.  
  •  Pepsi Reference Paint Card