Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Vintage Drink Machine Full Restorations

What Is the Process of a FULL Vintage Drink Machine Restoration?

Part I – Disassembly and Discovery

  • Take Before photos 
  • Complete Machine Disassembly
  • Determine what parts are needed, find any unseen issues, find rust inside (common), and prep the machine for sandblasting. 

Part II – Blasting and Bodywork 

  • Abrasion Blasting.  Typically called sandblasting, but our blaster uses a safer material than sand.  
  • This removes old paint, surface rust, and old decals in preparation for bodywork. 
  • Bodywork: fix dents, holes, rusted holes, prep surface for priming, etc. 

Part III – Primer, Painting and Clear Coat  

  • 2-3 coats of 2k primer, final sanding
  • Sealing and automotive paint
  • 3 coats of clear coat and then polish

Part IV- Coin Mech and Cooling System 

New Cooling System: On a full restorations, we replace the cooling system with an all-new system.

Coin Mechanisms:

MECHANICAL COIN MECH: Most pre-1960 machines have a mechanical mechanism.   There are 3 levels, your choice:

  • Leave Original – If the coin mech is working, or you want to set it to free vend
  • Basic Coin Mechanism Restoration – $100-350.  Either to get it working again and/or a cosmetic painting.  Completed Example
  • “Show Room” Coin Mechanism Restoration:  These are sent off to be re-plated to “like-new.”  Adds $500 and 6 weeks.  includes replacing worn parts, replating.  Completed Example.  This is not included in our quotes by default.

ELECTRIC COIN MECH –  If yours is missing or not working, a replacement runs $225.   Included in a full restoration quotes. 

FREE VEND – For either electric or mechanical, we can set the machine for free vend.  This means you do not need coins to vend from the machine.  This option is included in a full restoration quote.  Most people opt for this.

Part V- Lettering, Decals

  • Re-letter and add decals to the machine
  • Polish it
  • Test everything thoroughly 
  • Take After photos.

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