Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

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Video Chat or Phone Advice for your Drink Machine

When I bought my first machine, I had no idea what I was buying but I bought it anyway!  When I got the machine home, I was lost in how to get it working.   I wished there was someone that I could have called to get some advice.  I would have been glad to pay them for help.   Now, I offer this help to my customers.

I Can Advise You Regarding:

  • Valuation:  Is the machine worth what they are asking for it?  Is it collectible, valuable, rare, or a dinosaur?  Is this machine missing any parts?  Where do I get them? 
  • Parts:  What to buy, where to get parts, how does the machine operate?  How do I install them? 
  • Repairs:  Can you help me fix this machine?   How do I get this machine in working order again?  How do I fix the lights or vending?  
  • Restoration:  Should I restore this machine?   What are the steps if I want to do it myself?  Tips and insider contacts
  • Coin Mechs: What kind of coin mech do I need?  How I set my machine to free vend?
  • Cooling: How do remove and then install a new cooling system?  (1-2 hrs)  

How Do I Get Started? What are the rates?

  • Rates:  
    • Quick Call or Email  Advice $20 – 10 min of time.  Please pay for this initial call upfront.  Please note that MOST calls or video chats exceed the 10 min quick call.  
    • If more help is needed after the quick call, the rates are $40 per 30 min block or part of a 30 minute block
  • How to get started:
    • Pay for a quick call first, then call or email me.  I prefer to get pictures before we talk. 
    • Pay online below via credit card, or Venmo to @sodacityrestorations 
    • We can consult by phone, video chat, email, or texting – your choice.

Pay Here

What our advice customer are saying:

A couple of final notes 

I specialize in 1940-1960s drink machines

The advice I give is my best opinion, especially when it comes to value.   

If I can’t help, I will help you find the help or resources you need.   

And if you are not completely satisfied with the service I offer a full refund.  

If you are interested in having us repair or restore your machine,
those consultations and quotes are free.