Replacement Compressors for Vintage Vendo & Cavalier Machines

New complete charged drop-in cooling systems for Vendo 80, Vendo 81, Vendo 110, Cavalier 72 and more drink machines. Special – $849.00

New Complete Compressor Refrigeration Cooling System for the 1940s and 1950s vintage Coke, Coca Cola, Pepsi & Other Antique Soda Drink Vending Machines. Units are designed to drop-into in most Vintage Vendo, VMC, Cavalier and Westinghouse Machines. The customer installs the unit or hires a local refrigeration person to help to install them. The installation tips are below. NOTE: We do not offer repair services on your existing or original units, sorry.

Shipping is included to the USA


These are complete, new refrigeration systems, designed to fit in a variety of vintage or drink machines.   
Includes new (not refurbished) parts including coils, shrouds, fans, compressor, wiring, thermostat, tubing, capillary tubing
Units come charged with 134A Refrigerant, and are ready to install, plugin and run.
1-year limited warranty, (Shipping & Handling not inc.). Warranty does not cover customer’s damage nor return shipping for repair.
These systems are not an exact reproduction of the original but are designed for “drop-in” replacement.    
Every unit is custom built to order for your machine.
The production time is about 1 week.

The units fit in the following antique machines:
-Vendo, Vendolator, VMC 33, 39, 56, 63, 80, 81, 90, 110.
-Cavalier CS, CSS, USS 64, CS 72, CS, USS 96.
-Chest coolers from most Westinghouse, and Cavalier units
-If you have a different or newer unit, we can likely make a unit to fit your machine as well. Email us for details.

Information we need from you to process your order:

On which side does your tubing run from the bottom into the upper tub? IE, does it run in the front center, left, right, or up the back?
What is the model of your machine? IE Vendo 110
We love it when we can get pictures of your existing unit as a back up emailed to us.
These units are not refundable nor returnable as they are built to order for you. So let’s be sure we get it right before we make it so there are no surprises.
Sales Tax Will Be Applied for orders shipping to SC

How to order: $849.00

Price: $999.00 – includes USA Ground shipping. Sale: Special $849
Click the buy button and send us the model information as listed above to

Installation Tips and Advice:

  • While installing a replacement cooling unit into a vintage drink machine is not difficult for many, if you are not sure or confidence in your mechanical ability please hire a local refrigeration guy to assist you. We are not responsible for any damage during the install of the unit and this is not covered by warranty.
  • Unpacking
    • When you get the unit, have 2 people to remove it from the box so you do not stress a joint nor over bend the tubing.
  • Removing your old unit
    • Be sure it is not plugged in!
    • We start with the molding, removing it, so that the upper unit can be removed.
    • Next, unscrew the upper unit, and thermostat from the tub.
    • Remove any wire or tubing holders that can be holding back the upper unit from being removed freely.
    • Next, unbolt/unscreen the compressor unit base that is attached to the frame of the machine. Most of the time the compressor and fan sit on a metal base. Sometimes to get the base separated from the frame, you may need to turn the machine onto the side to get to the bottom side of the bolt. Sometimes these bolts are rusted on and will require some work to break them free.
    • Once everything is free, the old unit will slide out in 1 piece.
    • You may choose to reuse the base that the old compressor sat on, or replace it with another metal or wood base.
  • Installing the new unit