Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Tips when sending us images

We get sent quite a few images, and I so I thought I would share some tips about sending them, so our future customers will know what we need.   We try to quote jobs accurately, and the better the images the less surprises we both will have when we get the machine. 

Please take WIDE Angle Shots

Tip #1 – Start with Wide Angle Shots

Send us a wide angle of the whole machine.    We can zoom in ourselves if there is something we need to see.   For example:  many customer send us an image of the compressor motor.    What we prefer is a wider shot of the whole cooling system

Tip #2  – Take Close ups only to show damage. 

Send us close ups only as needed.   It is helpful to have a close up for example of the ID tag with the model number on it.   And if there is something damaged or bad place on the machine.   For example the headline on this blog post is a close up a cracked handle. 

Tip #3  Send us at least these pictures:

The following applies to a machine, but it is the same idea for coolers. 

a.  The whole front of the machine. 

b.  The whole coin mechanism area, with the coin mech door opened.

c.  The inside of the machine, the drink area, including the back of the main door. 

d.  The sides and back, especially if there are rusted or dented areas.

Tip #4  Sharing via a link is ok 

If you are sending several photos, it is ok to share them via a shared link ( IE google photos link)