Restored Vintage Drink Machines

Antique Restored Coke and Pepsi Drink machines & coolers We are currently sold out of restored machines. If you need a restoration, please contact us.


SOLD: 1950s Pepsi VMC 110

  • Here are some restoration notes on this machine:
    • Over 200 hours of meticulous labor. Body: Taken all the way down to the frame
    • Wood Frames: New and Replaced. (This machine has a wood frame in the door and cabinet.)
    • Insulation: New and Replaced in both the door and cabinet
    • Rust: rust was removed and then the sealed with zinc rust preventative coating.
    • Body dents, rust, holes- all fixed repaired sanded primed and refinished.
    • Coin Mechanism – completely restored, new plating and essentially brand new! Set to $.10 (2 nickels or a dime)
    • Paint: original color, automotive paint and 2 coats of clear coat.
    • Compressor: New and tested to run cold. New fan motors, New wiring. New thermostat
    • Coin Bezel: re-chromed.
    • Light: New ballast installed, new wiring
    • Cooling Wire Harness: new wire, power cord.
    • Kick Plate: New
    • Breaker Strips and Molding – New and replaced.
    • Locks on main door and coin door: new and replaced.
    • Glass and wood in bottle door: new and replaced
    • It can vend bottles that come in 6.5 oz to 12oz bottles, not just the small 6.5 oz or 8 oz.

Here are some “in process” images.

  • restoration plate

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