Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Vintage Vendo Coin Mechanism Repair and Restoration

We offer repair, cleaning, setting to free vend and cosmetic restoration of your mechanical drink machine coin mechanism from Vendo and Cavalier.  These are coin mechanisms that are not electric and have a crank handle to operate.   

Coin Mech Repair & Restoration Options

Option 1 Clean & Repair the Coin Mechanism

  • If your mech is not working, or is jammed, and you want it to work again with coins this is your best option.    
  • We will clean and fix your mech so it works properly
  • If your mech is damaged or missing parts, we may not be able to fix it and may have to set it to free vend.   If we can not fix it, there is NO charge from us for the evaluation or attempt.  The only charge would be for the free vend see below, and the shipping costs. 
  • The standard price range is $75-$175.  Most jobs are $100 or less.  

Option 2 Set the Coin Mech to Free Vend.  

  • This option is if you want to use your mech without coins. 
  • Setting it to free vend is basically unlocking the crank handle, so no coins are needed to crank the handle.  
  • Todays coins do not weigh the same as in the 1950s, so even a working mech is not 100% reliable.    
  • The price to set to free vend is $45
  • If you have an electric coin mech, we can help you set it to free vend via our advice service by unlocking the bottle gates. 

Option 3 Clean and Do a cosmetic restoration on the coin mechanism  

  • If you want to clean and do a cosmetic restoration on the mech, we offer this also.  
  • There are before and after images at the bottom of this page
  • This includes a full disassembling and cleaning 
  • Please note:  We do NOT offer zinc replating on the metal.   We do not have this capability, but it can be done elsewhere for a higher end restoration.   We do in house is a coated paint cosmetic restoration.  We use a chrome-like / light painting.   
  • $165 for the restoration, plus any repair options above. 

How to get started with your coin mechanism repair.

  • 1.  If you want to be sure we can do your job, please send us an image of a video of the mechanism.   Be sure to tell us in advance if you know of any missing parts!
  • 2.  Remove your mech.  If you need help by video chat, please use our paid video chat service
  • 3. Ship us the mechanism AND include a return shipping label.   We suggest using Pirate Ship to generate both labels.  Please use UPS.
  • 4.  Include your contact information and what you wish to have done to your mech in your package.   We will email you an invoice to pay online.

Images of Restored Coin Mechanisms

Payment Information:  

We accept credit/debit cards, Venmo, and Cash. We will email you an invoice when we get your machine that you can pay online.   60% deposit required to start, the balance due at completion.