The Restoration Process

Our process of restoration for a vintage antique coke or pepsi drink machine.

  1. Evaluation – see what parts are missing or need to be restored, determine the level of restoration for the machine etc.
  2. Break Down – we take the machines ALL of the way apart, every screw and bolt. This is so we can be everything is working, rusted screws are all replaced etc. We put new insulation in our machines as well.
  3. Parts – After testing and break down, we get new parts, insulation, new door seals, breaker strips, send the coin mechanism to be restored, determine if the compressor will be replaced and order it, new decals, paint, send parts off for chrome.
  4. Rust removal – time to get to work. We remove all rust that we can and then seal it with zinc primer which will keep it from increasing for the next 75 year
  5. Bodywork – fix the dents, paint removal, old decals, sanding down for 600 grit. One of the most time-consuming parts of the restoration.
  6. Prime and Painting – 2 coats of auto primer, then a coat of automotive correct color base coat paint, and then 2 coats of high-end auto clear coat
  7. New Parts Installed – new logo, breaker strips, insulation, decals.
  8. Rebuild – every piece is put back together with new screws and bolts when possible. Each part is restored, sanded and painted or powder coated before the rebuild. Coin mech and new cooling system are installed.
  9. Testing – everything has to work right! These are still at the core 75-year-old machines, but with a complete restoration, you know you have a collector’s piece!

Our average time per machine is 100-250 hours per machine!

See example of a before, during and and after images here