Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

How to Leave us a Review on our Web Site, Google and / or Facebook

If you are a customer, we appreciate your taking the time to leave us a review! You can leave a review on our Facebook page, Google, or on our site – or all three! Thanks so much!

NOTE: In your review kindly mention if you used our Advice Service, A Full restoration or a partial restoration.

Leave a Review on our Website

When you leave the review your last name and email will not be posted on the website, they will be hidden. These are for internal verification only. We reserve the right to verify reviews are from actual customers. Just fill out the form below.

Leave a Review on Google

  1. Search for us on Google or use this link
  2. Look for our profile on the right side
  3. Click write a review.

Leave a Review on Facebook

1. Visit Our Facebook Page. (this link should bring you to the right page, you can skip #2)

2. Click On “Reviews” or Recommendations. This is either on the left side menu or under our header along the top row of tabs.

3. Then you’ll see a box asking if you would recommend Soda City Restorations – Click “Yes”

4. Select the “Write A Review” button to leave comments or pictures. Press Post or submit

Reviews left on Facebook are imported to our review page by a feed.