Vintage Drink Machine Repair and Restoration

Cavalier 51 Full Restoration

Before Images

We recently finished this Cavalier 51 machine.  These are a beautiful 1950s machine that uses a mechanical coin mechansim and vending advance system.   Inside the bottles are loaded into an ammo belt like chain.   Each crank of the handle advances the belt to to the next bottle, lining it up with the bottle door. 

This one came to us without a cooling system, which is not a problem becase we always replace the cooling system on a full restoration.  It was worn from the years, but overall it was in good shape.  We would disassemble it, sandblast it, do the body work, paint it, clear coat it, have the chrome replated, put a new system in it, and reasemble it.  It was about 80 hours of work.   

If you are restoring this machine, or replacing the cooling system be aware that the evaporator is custom fit in the machine.   We reuse the evaporator coil when we have the new cooling system made.  

After the Restoration Images.